Phuket is a unique, independent platform with it's own
in-game currency and payment processing

Get Phuket Coins by purchasing them or earning them in some of the games on the Phuket platform.
Phuket Coins can be used across all apps and games included in the Phuket platform.

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Constant upgrades
and improvements

The Phuket app is constantly upgraded with new features, allowing for a continually new and exciting experiences in a community where every function needed for operation is located in a single, powerful app.

Powerful API
for developers

Use Phuket's powerful API to integrate your games and apps into Phuket and bring your product to Phuket's users.

A self sustainable

Phuket contains it's own game/app download and update system, social network and forums.

Buy Coins


  • 33 yuan
  • 5 dollars
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  • 330 yuan
  • 50 dollars
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  • 33000 yuan
  • 5000 dollars
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